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are you dead


(nah i’m not dead, just haven’t been up to date with homestuck or even tumblr lately! sorry, i’m very busy balancing work and college now but i will try to come back here and there. hopefully before the update happens)


Heyy!! Making another post asking for these yeah… see I’m in financial trouble and there are numerous things (food, bills, pets) I need money for. So I would appreciate spreading the word, or anything to be honest. I’m never sure how to thank people that have already helped me out so much maybe one day I’ll get a call back so I don’t have to pester you guys anymore. Onto business…

Full body pictures are all A4 size 350 dpi so they can be printed out at your leisure once you get them. The rest are still all pretty large but I wouldn’t recommend printing them out on anything other than a small post card. 

Prices may vary depending on what you ask for. Line art is naturally a cheaper selection that’s $20-25 depending on if you want shading or not. 

Let me know if you want them to be transparent for blogs!

As always, email me to discuss terms. I won’t be on tomorrow so I will answer any emails on Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for everything guys I really appreciate all of you so much. ♥

Please reblog and/or get a commission! I don’t rly post here anymore but I hope the people who follow me here can help out one of my best friends and her family.

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karkat vantas or apollo justice


i love both shouty boys but i have to say that i still adore karkat an eensy more than apollo!


The goal is simple - we thank Hussie for everything he’s done for us. For all the updates, all the people he’s met, everything he’s had to deal with - for making Homestuck. He made something far bigger than he could have imagined. I think it’s time we thanked him.

Everyone who reblogs this will have their URL added to a text file. At the end of April it will be emailed to him along explaining that these are all the people who want to personally thank him for what he does.

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Please can you tag that gamkar for blood? If not I'll just ts another tag you put on it. Thank you.

Oops, I’m really sorry! I usually remember to tag those kinds of things. Tagged with #tw: blood and #tw: abuse just in case.


(full view please!!)

I took a break from comic pages to finish up some GamKar for Karkinophile!

I teared up while drawing this so I hope you like it girl uwu


oh no john emoti o ns HE’S JUST SO HAPPY NOW to see his friends after being so grumpy and shouty and hating on con air


also dang, I’m… not sure! I think I’d be a lot more bored the past year+. I wouldn’t have drawn as much and my art style would be totally different considering that just getting into Homestuck did wonders for the artblock I’d been in back then.. overall ty homestuck for my art and my entertainment (and the tears)

Happy 4/13, guys. This is only my second 4/13 and my last, but it’s been a total blast following Homestuck! Can’t wait to see how it ends with the rest of you <3

Fantroll Fanart Friday

Guess what time it is again: the time where I draw fanart of your fantrolls.

Once again, I have six slots. Please submit a suitable ref to me  (preferably where I can know their sign/colors) and I’ll post them all together later today!

Slots are filled!